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Against The Grain

As Muslims, we know and understand that our faith is more than just belief. It's a way of life, from our actions to the ways in which we dress.

For us, as a brand, the challenge doesn't necessarily lie in the product itself, but rather in educating. We started this business off with quirky quotes talking about "short shorts" and "waves over wedgies" but over time we've come to realize that what we've taken on will be a never-ending uphill battle.

The challenge is that when you look at GQ, or some other mainstream menswear brand, do you see modesty as a premise behind the clothing? We've seen statements such as "the five-inch inseam is the perfect, happy-medium length", 5 inches?! Medium length?! Come on!

We know and understand that the powers that be "set these fashion standards" because they know and understand what will sell. We're ready to continue fighting this uphill battle and going against the grain because at the end of the day, these shorts are not a fashion accessory, they're a symbol of our submission to the highest of powers.

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  • Ma sha allah!!! May Allah grant you barakat !


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