Kap Swim x Masculinity

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Kap Swim x Masculinity


No, masculinity is not a brand and no, we're not collaborating with it.

Actually, by today's standards, if masculinity was a brand, it would be 6'2, 20 inch biceps, and 6-pack abs.

Nowadays, magazines and billboards define what masculinity is and should be. Don't believe us? Just have a quick flip through a Men's Health or GQ magazine. The concept of masculinity has been watered down to something that's purely vain.

There was a time though that being masculine meant something else. It was rooted in your devotion to your Lord, family, and community. It wasn't something that you wore on your shirt, but instead something that you acted on.

So remember, as we raise up this next generation of men, let's teach them that masculinity can't be purchased off of a store rack.

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